A number of key ideas inspired the founding of Dynacom and continues to drive its development. From day one, Dynacom has set a goal to assist companies in Quebec and elsewhere in their development to reach their full potential. But for Dynacom, becoming companies’ leading partner is not limited to the simple role of providing them with innovative software.

To become the reference center for growing companies is the mission that guides both our employees in their day-to-day work as well as our management team in their strategic planning.

For Dynacom, a corporate vision must be inspiring and provide direction for both its clients and employees. To this end, Dynacom favors a business growth model composed of cooperation, exchange and innovation, whose ultimate goal is to become the leading developer of management software in the province of Quebec.

Our commitment to being a responsible organization is at the heart of all our actions: from integrating our clients’ concerns in our daily tasks, to exceeding our clients’ expectations by maintaining a strong and durable relationship to being at the forefront of market trends in order to provide innovative solutions that fits their distinctive business needs.

To deserve the trust that our clients and partners put in us is our ambition that drives us to become a leader in the management software industry.


“…the flexibility offered by the Dynacom management solution allowed us to customize the software according to our business reality, which was essential for us.”

Lynda Hogue, Vice-President at Toitures Hogue

The Dynacom group

A leading provider of enterprise management solutions whose ecosystem
includes the following solutions:

Dynacom Accounting

Powerful, robust and scalable financial management solutions.

Dynacom’s powerful and efficient management solutions for organizations of all sizes are designed to fit your needs, following your requirements.

Head office
1270, Dagenais Blvd., West, Laval, Quebec, CANADA H7L 5E3


Smart & simple all-in-one project management software

Collaborative project management with integrated time tracking, invoicing and expense management.

Head office
1270, Dagenais Blvd., West, Laval, Quebec, CANADA H7L 5E3

Dynacom Solutions RH

A powerful HR information system

Dynacom Solutions RH is a versatile software that will serve as the basis of all your HR activity.

Head office
2000, McGill College, 6th floor, Montreal,
Quebec, CANADA H3A 3H3

Meet Dynacom’s management team


Alain Nadeau, Founding President
Alain Nadeau founded Dynacom Technologies in 1990 and still serves as President to this day. An experienced and passionate entrepreneur, he started his first management company at the age of 17 and now oversees business activities at Dynacom, exerting his leadership on all departments. As such, Mr. Nadeau makes it his mission to promote company growth for his clients as much as for Dynacom. Throughout the years, Mr. Nadeau received numerous awards and honors for his quality as a leader and the innovative nature of his business.


Alain Godin, Director of Sales, Director of Business Development
With over 15 years of service with Dynacom Technologies, Alain Godin serves as the Director of Sales since 2008. Through a deep expertise and certifications in business management and managing a sales team, Mr. Godin is actively involved in the growth of Dynacom, by attracting new customers as well as consolidating the existing customer base. Also responsible for customer service, Mr. Godin’s mission is to analyze the needs and meet the demands of each customer to provide top-quality service where customer satisfaction is the main focus.


Pierre Arel, Director of Service and Quality Assurance
Mr. Arel joined the ranks of Dynacom in 1997 and was appointed Director of Service and Quality Assurance in 2004. Holding a Computer Science degree and strong from his long experience as a support technician, Mr. Arel aims to ensure that Dynacom’s clientele benefit from outstanding after-sales service, from troubleshooting to training. As person responsible for quality control, his mission is also to guarantee that solutions offered by Dynacom meet the needs of our customers as well as Dynacom’s reliability and usability original standards.


Linda Lalonde, CPA, CA, Director of Finance, Director of Human Resources
With more than 25 years of experience in finance and administration, Linda Lalonde has been acting as Director of Finance at Dynacom for more than 14 years and was recently appointed the responsibility of Human Resources. Prior to joining Dynacom, she held various positions as Auditor at KPMG, as Corporative Controller at Groupe Cantrex Inc., then as Director, Finance and Administration at Iso Tech Design Canada Inc. Mrs. Lalonde graduated from HEC Montréal with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and holds the title of chartered accountant since 1988.


Sébastien Boyer, Director of Research and Development, Director of Marketing
With over 15 years of experience in IT, Sébastien Boyer has held various positions as Director in the IT and e-marketing sectors, as well as in analysis and marketing strategies before joining Dynacom in 2007. As Director of Agile Development and Scrum Product Owner, he is responsible for research and development on technological aspects of Dynacom products. Also Director of Marketing, Mr. Boyer relies on his comprehensive product knowledge, his varied expertise, his creativity and acute analytical skills to ensure that Dynacom’s product offering evolves continually to best meet market expectations. Mr. Boyer graduated from the Nice Sophia Antipolis University in Computer Science and is a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner.

Some customers of the Dynacom group