Dynacom Accounting SMB Edition

The SMB edition is a modular accounting software specifically designed for specialized businesses, such as those in the fields of construction, finance, retail sales or field services.

The Dynacom Accounting SMB Edition is available in SaaS mode only and allows for 4 extra licenses only. If you need more than 4 software licenses to manage your business, you should then consider the Enterprise+ Edition of Dynacom Accounting.

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Limited time offer!

The SMB Edition available in SaaS mode

The Dynacom SMB Edition is available in the cloud. This means that your accounting is available everywhere and that you save all what you used to spend on the maintenance of your server. Dynacom offers you to take advantage of cloud computing at a very lost cost. Don’t miss out!


per month for 12 months.*

This special offer includes everything you need to ensure peace of mind:
  • Free start-up training
  • Complete Preferential Technical Service plan
  • Guaranteed callback: maximum 2hrs
  • Unlimited payroll
  • Data import data available (extra)

*$39.95 for the first 12 months. $59.95 from the 13th month.

Why choose Dynacom SaaS service?

The SaaS version of Dynacom Accounting comes with a full set of extra benefits that you can enjoy right now:

  • Nothing to Install

    No need to install or download new versions or patches.

  • No More Updates

    Take advantage of the latest updates without worrying about the installation.

  • Daily Backup

    You data is saved daily and stored on Dynacom’s secure servers.

  • Available Everywhere

    Access your Dynacom Accounting application from either a Mac or a PC computer, an Android tablet, an iPad or your favorite smartphone (iPhone or Android).

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Dynacom prides itself on the quality of its products, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee policy. Moreover, there is no obligation on your part, you can cancel your subscription anytime!

    1 855 488-3962

Dynacom Accounting SMB Edition includes the following features:


Maintain a healthy business relationship with your suppliers.


Cash-basis accounting made easy.

General Ledger

Maintain strict budgeting and financial performance.


Gain strict control over inventory.


Simplify your payroll processing with Dynacom Accounting.


Helps you boost your sales and increase your profits.


Helps you determine your projects’ profitability.


Ensure data integrity and protection.

Kits and assemblies

Build pre-assembled kits and assemblies for rapid sales delivery.

Outlook integration

Make the most of your business opportunities.

Payroll direct deposit

Provide your employees with fast, reliable, and confidential direct deposit of payroll.

Network management

Ensure your software never becomes an obstacle to your business growth.

Time and billing

Track and charge for tasks your manpower does for others.

Automated tasks

Get an extra employee!

Dynacom Messenger

It’s a fast and efficient way to provide for communication within your company.

SQL Server Express

Optimize the performance of your database.

Financial statement generator

Designed for businesses specialized in the field of finance.

Specialized payroll

Take advantage of a comprehensive construction payroll solution.

The Cashier, Point of sale

Transform your computer into a fully-integrated cash register!


Position your customers firmly at the center of your business strategy.

For more information on our services, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts. They will be glad to advise you on the solution that best suits your needs.