Maximize your sales opportunities with Zoho CRM

With the Zoho CRM software, you can accurately track all business opportunities, close more deals, and increase business results in less time. Additionally, you can examine your processes and determine what can be done faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost, and effectively utilize the existing customer data for future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Zoho CRM has everything you need to boost your sales cycle: Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency and reduce costs. This provide your business with an opportunity to completely focus on the customer life-cycle (lead generation – acquisition – conversion – retention – loyalty) rather than sales process, thus increasing revenue.

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Zoho CRM gives your sales people a complete view of your sales cycle and pipeline.

Zoho CRM drives sales force performance and profitability by giving you everything you need to sell smarter. The Zoho solution makes it simple to:
  • Drive more leads — Improve your representatives’ productivity
  • Better manage customer accounts — Keep track of all accounts, contacts, leads, customers in one place
  • Effectively follow-up — Customer service tracking of campains, calls
  • Accurately forecast — Evaluate campaign effectiveness

*Installation and integration fees may apply.


Dynacom, the right choice for your business

Would you like to get the most of your sales opportunities? As a Zoho Alliance partner, Dynacom is your perfect partner for the implementation of a CRM solution designed for small and medium businesses.

Dynacom offers complete service in a turnkey fashion

As a recognized Zoho Alliance partner, Dynacom supports you in every step of your CRM implementation project. Specifically, Dynacom offers the following services:

  • Assessment – Needs analysis and business process review

  • Implementation – Zoho setup with database migration

  • Training – Complete effective professional training and knowledge transfer

  • Project follow-up- Ongoing support by the integrator in charge

Zoho CRM integrates seamlessly with Dynacom Accounting

Pairing your Dynacom accounting software with Zoho CRM can further maximize your small business efficiency by helping you keeping your accounting and billing data as well as your CRM records synchronized and organized.

With Zoho CRM, you focus on your sales opportunities while Dynacom takes care of the rest with its management solution that helps you get more sales, get paid, and make your business more streamlined and profitable.


Convert website visitors into customers with Zoho SalesIQ!

Zoho SalesIQ lets you track and engage your website visitors in real-time, close deals faster and provide better customer support.

Connect Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and improve conversions via follow ups. Get better context via visitor information history. Add leads, contacts, follow-up tasks and potentials right from the chat window. Converse better, persuade better and sell better.

Moreover, never miss an opportunity to live chat with a hot prospect returning to your website for more information by receive an alert in Zoho CRM the moment they land on your website.