Simplify your year-end procedure with our accounting consulting services

With its new accounting consulting services, Dynacom aims to ease the burden of year-end procedures on accountants and business managers who see their overtime increased dramatically during the year-end. With the help of our accountants, you can execute your year-end operations faster so that you may focus on the rest.

Our experts are available to help you:

  • identify and generate data requested by your auditor;

  • automate common year-end operations;

  • structure and optimize your budget;

  • integrate your budget with Dynacom Accounting’s Financial Statement Generator;

  • simplify your inventory adjustments;

  • train your temporary employees on year-end procedures with Dynacom Accounting;

  • … and more!

For more information on the services covered by our accountants integrators, or to request a consultation, contact your Dynacom representative at your earliest convenience.

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Easily prepare the data requested by your auditor

Your auditor asks for a long list of data in order to conduct their audit, and you don’t know where to start? You don’t have the necessary reports to consolidate the data quickly and easily? Take advantage of our accounting consulting services to:

  • identify the data requested by your auditor in Dynacom Accounting;

  • generate complete reports with all your data;

  • find ways to automate a part of the manual treatment you have to do on your data;

  • create reports to easily generate the data requested from you year after year;

  • save yourself a lot of overtime hours!

Optimize your budget planning

Your budget planning gives you headaches? You have a hard time compiling your data from previous year to better plan for the future? Enlist the help of an accountant integrator from our consulting services, and they will help you:

  • identify your cost drivers and identify key indicators for your planning;

  • compile your data in structured reports for better analysis;

  • optimize and structure your budget to meet your needs and financial requirements;

  • integrate your Excel budget with the Financial Statement Generator, to simplify monitoring.

Simplify your inventory adjustments

Dynacom’s accounting consulting services also provide tools to simplify and expedite your inventory adjustments at year end. Indeed, our experts can assist you to import your new inventory quantities automatically rather than having to enter the new quantity for each item manually. You can:

  • export your inventory list to Excel to proceed to your verification;

  • adjust quantities in your Excel file;

  • with the help of an accountant integrator, import the new quantities directly in Dynacom Accounting;

  • all adjustments created by the import are properly recorded in the general ledger.