Dynacom Academy opens its doors to Dynacom Accounting users!

Knowing how to use your accounting software effectively is synonymous with saving time and money. In order to provide its customers with a better knowledge of the Dynacom Accounting software, leading them to better motivation and efficiency, Dynacom offers you 3 types of training:

Group training

Take advantage of group training by taking part in courses specifically designed to increase your understanding of the Dynacom Accounting software. You will discover the many opportunities your software has to offer and, thus, increase your productivity! Each 3-hour class is designed to provide maximum learning in minimum time. Group training is offered throughout Québec or may be held at our offices.
No group training sessions are available at the moment.

Private training

Dynacom provides personalized training at your own pace, using practical exercises to target the functions you need most to meet your business needs.

Pour bénéficier d’une formation privée, 3 alternatives s’offrent à vous :

  • At Dynacom’s offices
  • On-site training
  • Through the Internet

You would like to learn more about our training options?

To participate in the next training session or should you wish to learn more about our training offering and pricing, please contact your Dynacom representative.